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Matthew Davies

Matthew Davies

Owner / Lead Instructor

This is My Story

I began my shooting journey back in the late 1990’s in New Jersey when I purchased my first firearm for home defense.  I was first introduced to firearms training when I took the required NRA Basic Pistol class in order to get my NJ Firearms ID card, which was required before I could purchase.

Then, in my search for a place to practice, I joined the Old Bridge Pistol and Rifle Club.  One of the requirements for joining was you attend and watch or participate in 5 activities.  I was thrust into the world of shooting sports (and I haven’t looked back).  Though I enjoyed many of the activities I gravitated towards what is now Steel Challenge.

When my wife and I moved to Colorado in 2007, I immediately applied for my concealed carry permit – I didn’t qualify for one in NJ – and then wanted to apply my love for teaching to enabling other folks to learn safe gun handling and enable them to apply for CCW permits so they too may protect themselves and what they care about.  In 2008 I completed my training and became an NRA Basic Pistol instructor.

Then earlier this year, on the back of learning about the changes NRA had for their learning system, along with my desire to teach more aspects of  concealed carry and the critical knowledge required for the responsibility of being an armed citizen, I became an Associate Instructor for the USCCA as well.

In addition, I continue to attend training sessions myself, never satisfied with what I know at the moment, and always looking for new information.  I try to distill and add important things to my training classes as I grow myself.

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